Weekly Live Streaming

A few years ago I had to accept the fact that due to my mothers health, I would have to put my professional aspirations on hold for the time being since it would be difficult to venture too far away for any length of time. I’ve also had to become a bit pickier then I have a right to be as far as the venues I perform in are concerned since after all, what’s the point of going to work if the cost of a sitter is going to be more than I earn? Fortunately, the times they are a changing.

I am now a bona fide, online streaming musician/singer songwriter. Some of you may remember that I tried this a few years ago but due to the backwardness and monopoly of my Internet service provider, I was only able to acquire DialUp speed through my DSL modem but not any more. I’m screaming now.

Not only do I have a decent Internet connection but thanks to the help and ideas of several good friends and hours and hours of reading boring geeky stuff I’ve been able to convertone of the rooms in my eternal home remodel/construction project into a pretty nice replica of a pro soundstage with state of the art lighting as well.

I would have gotten started a little sooner but good help is hard to find…well, keep anyway. Fortunately though, thanks to my stubborn spirit of independence, I was able to rig up a foot controller to make my transitions as well as a few other technical tricks.

The "Catbird" seat

By the way, assuming that you are not already familiar with ConcertWindow, be sure to check out some of the other artist that are also using the site to perform. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

To make it even easier CLICK HERE and it will take you straight to my channel at ConcertWindow. But be sure to use the log in option in the upper right corner of the page so that we can communicate in the chat window.

See you online at ConcertWindow.

Loretta’s Honors Veterans

One of the things I miss most about living in my home town of Gainesville, GA is eating at Loretta’s Country Kitchen, it’s usually my first destination whenever I cross the county line. I’ve known the owner, Alan Nichols and his family since grammar school and he’s always been a big supporter of my music. But last week I learned something about Alan and his restaurant that I never knew.

You see during our normal greetings, whenever I get the chance to see Alan he always ask where I’m playing next. Then after I answer and invite him to come out, he politely says that he’ll try but then reminds me that he has to open the restaurant the next morning so the odds are not probable. But this time since my next performance was on Memorial Day and most businesses are closed, I thought I might get a different response.

Alan Nichols

As it turns out, not only does Alan and his lovely wife Loretta open up on Memorial Day but they also feed all the veterans that come on the holiday for FREE! Last year there were over 400 veterans served and this year they’re hoping for even more.

For those of you who’ve eaten at Loretta’s, you know what a feast those lucky vets are in for. For you poor folks who haven’t, just know they use fresh meats and vegetables cooked up “Southern Style” the way the good Lord intended for it to be cooked. And though all the deserts are made from scratch, the banana pudding is the best I have ever had (sorry Mom).
I’m like the thousands of others who would and do return to Loretta’s for their exceptional food alone but now knowing it’s being served up by such great Americans makes it taste even better.

Thanks To You

It’s been a while since I’ve produced any video. I’m not one to do much of anything simply for the hell of it, I generally need a reason. Fortunately, Guitar Center is looking for new singer-songwriter’s to highlight in their annual competition that I just recently learned about and that was reason enough for me.

I’d like to thank my old friend Tony Helton for coming by and showing off his chops. He went way above and beyond the call of duty. I only hope he had as much fun as I did.

We shot three songs but I thought this one would be most appropriate considering the season, which reminds me…I’d like to wish you and your family a warm and memorable Thanksgiving.

It’s That Time of Year Again…

I had the honor a couple of weeks ago of accompanying SFC Chad Borchers of the US Army Rangers from Camp Merrill as he presented my buddies at Port Royale with a Certificate of Appreciation for their continued support every Christmas.

SFC Chad Borchers presents Paradise Boat Rentals with COA.

SFC Chad Borchers presents Paradise Boat Rentals with COA.

I look Forward to performing again this Christmas for these guys and their families. It is truly the most rewarding gig I’ve ever had and I look forward to the continued honor for many years to come.

Port Royale is just one of the fine sponsors of this event in the past and this year we are hoping to make it even bigger. If you or your company would like to donate a gift or gift certificate, please use the form below to let us know. There’s still plenty of time to mail it in or if you’re in the North Georgia area, I’ll come pick it up if you prefer. Or better yet. Why not plan on attending this year and present it yourself.

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How Tom Brady Ruined My Life

I stopped by an Applebee’s in Dawsonville, Georgia  for an early dinner on my way home today. Since I was alone I took a seat at the bar rather than bother asking for a table.

Before the bartender had time to notice that I was there, this stunning young lady in her mid 30’s, dressed in business attire came in and asked if the seat next to me was taken, even though every other seat at the bar was empty. I’m sure I looked giddily pleased when the bartender brought the menus and asked us what we’d like to drink cause this girl would have been out of my league even if she wasn’t half my age but since he was giving me a subliminal thumbs up of approval, I sort of let him believe what he apparently believed.

After he walked away we clumsily introduced ourselves, her name was Candace she lives near Jonesboro, Georgia, a couple of hours away and she is a pharmaceutical rep for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Never been married with no kids. Incredibly intelligent and very easy to get to know but the whole time we were chatting, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Is this a joke? Does someone I know, know her and I’m being gooned? Is there a camera rolling somewhere? What’s the catch? After all. I’ve got underwear older than this girl.

I guess we had been sitting together there for at least an hour. The place was starting to get busy and as the bar filled up with the locals when I finally realized that I was “That Guy”. The “what in the hell is she doing with That Guy?”. But it didn’t bother me a bit. And if she noticed, it didn’t bother her either or she didn’t seem to let on anyway.

It wasn’t till the bartender brought the check that it finally hit me. She’s been sitting here looking like eye candy on my arm, knowing me being from the generation I am from that I’m not about to let her pay for her meal. And she was right. I took the check and reached for my wallet. But she grabbed it out of my hand saying “No. I’ve got an expense account. Let me”. So, well. I let her.

Then while we were waiting on her card, just when I was figuring this little dream was coming to a close. I heard her say “I’m dying to see that”. I looked up. She was staring at one of the televisions that had an “American Sniper” trailer running on it. I said “yea, me too”. She then told me that since it was getting so late and the traffic wasn’t getting any better, she was thinking she would just get a room rather than drive home and then back up here tomorrow. And if I wasn’t doing anything she’d love to go see the movie if I knew a theatre somewhere it was playing. I told her there was a place just up the street and I had no plans that I couldn’t change (not that it would have mattered).

Then it happened.

Since my eyes had been drawn to the television by the movie trailer, I guess it held my attention a bit longer than it should’ve because all of a sudden the regularly scheduled programming was interrupted by that damn Tom Brady lying about having any idea that Sunday’s playoff game was rigged.

As we walked toward the door I couldn’t stop thinking how the Sea Hawks would have wiped the field with New England had there been just two more freakin’ pounds of air in the balls.

She smiled as we got outside and asked, “do you want to drive or do you want me to”? I gave her a little peck on the cheek and said, “Sorry honey, I’m just not in the mood anymore. Maybe some other time”. She said, “I understand”.

Thanks Tom.

Christmas in Review

ElfAll in all, 2014 has been a pretty good year. I wrote a couple of good tunes, had some memorable performances with some great friends and thankfully the prospects of the new year look even brighter.

Fortunately I’m ending the year with a busy schedule but I couldn’t let the season pass without taking a moment to properly thank my Ranger Instructor buddies and their families for allowing us to once again share in their Christmas celebration. It was a blast!

Also, I’d like to give a big thanks to my good friends and fellow Ranger fans who not only made the trip up but also brought some incredible gifts for the heroes in attendance which included custom walking sticks crafted by Deep South Wood Workings, several dinner gift certificates from Matt Martin and One Blue Duck in Hoschton and Nick Jenkins and the good folks at Port Royale Marina donated a bagpipe copyday of boating and seadooing for two of the luckiest Ranger families. But by far, the most sought after door prizes were the custom art pieces donated by members of the Vets4Kids Organization who were represented by the founder, Chris Dorsey.

While I’m at it I can think of no better way to finish my last post of the year by thanking all of you who have encouraged and supported my little music business these past few years. May the gift of the next year leave you knowing the Lord keeps you in the palm of His hand.

Another ‘Ranger’ Christmas

I may be a little late in getting this out but I’m excited to announce that I will again be the musical guest for the 5th Ranger Training Battalion Christmas party. As always the annual event will be held at ‘The Overhang’ which doubles as Camp Frank D. Merrill’s NCO club in Dahlonega, Georgia.

Camp Merrill is home to the “Mountain Training Phase”, one of three grueling schools which every Army Ranger must complete in order to earn the coveted Ranger Tab. I have a hard time expressing how honored I am just to be in the company of these Ranger Instructors all of whom have served and sacrificed in multiple deployments and have distinguished themselves with their unwavering service to our country.

The event is hosted by the Camp Frank Merrill Non-Commissioned Officers Association and their families. The association is a 501(c)(3) organization that does so much, not just for Wounded Warriors and other military charities but they also provide a lot of unsung support for many local people in the area as well. Knowing what I know about this fine organization makes it a thrill to have the opportunity to give a little something back.

I’m also looking forward to again getting to hang out with the patriarchs of the Ranger tradition, the men of the ‘US Mountain Ranger Association’. The Mountain Ranger Association is a group of former members and retirees who also continue to honor the tab with their good works. But mostly because I’ve learned the “old” Rangers are the ones who really know how to party.

So if you too are one of those people who are eagerly looking for a way to express your gratitude to the folks who really make this country work. Why not join me in letting the “RANGERS LEAD THE WAY” to a very, merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 13, 2014
19:00 hours (7:00PM)

Details & Directions

Shayne Pruitt & Phillip Rogers-Pelican Pete's 2014

Introducing ‘Phil and Shayne’

For almost two years now I have had to great pleasure of working with the incredible talent of Shayne Pruitt. Shayne has been filling the lead guitar slot for the full band gigs I occasionally get to book and in order to keep him around I started using him in my acoustic shows as well.

Shayne Pruitt

Actually, I’ve gotten so spoiled and lazy from having him around that I find it hard to book a solo performance these days, so much so that we are now booking under the handle ‘Phil and Shayne’.

Those of you from my North Georgia sphere of friends may remember Shayne from his days with “The Estes Brothers Band”. The EBB was a well known Atlanta area cover band in the 70’s and 80’s and still perform from time to time. They recently played a two night reunion show at the Cumming Play House which is named for the town the band was originally based.
Shayne is the owner/operator of A1-Heritage Landscape Supply in Cumming and he also has turned his passion of photography into a budding business. His eye for capturing live musical performances is building him quite a reputation with a lot of local musicians in the area.
We’ve worked together long enough now that we’ve built a pretty extensive repertoire and our vocals are really starting to gel. So we are thinking it’s time to maybe spread our geographical horizons a bit. There is also talk of maybe taking a short New England tour together this summer.

Best of all, Shayne has proven himself not only to be a capable musical partner but a great friend as well. I look forward to working with him for many years to come.