I realize now why posting on my website has been so hard to do. It’s because in all my years of trying to be social with the new media, I’ve worried too much about mentioning something that would piss off someone who might be a potential listener. But that was then and this is now. Now I don’t give a shit!!

It all started when Bruce Springsteen started airing out his political views at his shows and everywhere else. His pansy liberal attitude made me so mad that I started hating his music and I had always been such a fan before. So I decided, as hard as it is to get people to even listen to music that it would be pretty stupid to turn off half of the market by letting the world now what a flaming patriot and conservative Christian that I try to be. (BTW, I’m the worst phucking Christian ever and I’m OK with it. I’m just grateful for His grace.)

Now I see how being afraid to let my roots be known was what the reason sharing on Facebook and here on my own website was so difficult to do. So now that I’m out in the open, you should expect to hear a lot more from me now.