Release Date: February 15, 2019

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I started working on a new album shortly after “Piece of My Soul” was released back in 2006. My plan was/is to be a bit more genre specific this time, leaning towards the blues side since that’s really what I’m all about.

I had quickly began writing but since I had already chosen and charted the three cover songs, in an effort to feel like I had officially started the process I made a dedicated trip to Jay’s Place to get these tracks out of the way. They included “Georgia on My Mind” and “Since I Fell”. Sadly, between the economic crush of 2008, shortly followed by my mom’s accident which forced me to re-prioritize my responsibilities, these tracks have been gathering dust in the vault ever since.

New Single / Slide Available 2/15/2018

The single that I have decided to release is a song that I picked up from a great songwriter who I met years ago in the Myspace days named Kristy Jackson. Kristy is one of the most disciplined songwriters I’ve ever met. She’s recorded several albums of her own but has also had cuts by Reba McIntyre and Patti Page.

I think the main reason I wanted to record this song is that even though I absolutely loved Kristy’s version, in my humble opinion the song needed to be sang from a male perspective. It makes the storyline much more believable.

Anyway, the track will be available at most digital retailers including Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and CDbaby as well as being streamable at Spotify and Apple Music on February 15th. But if you’d like to hear a sample I’ve included a preview for you to check out right here.