Introducing ‘Phil and Shayne’

For almost two years now I have had to great pleasure of working with the incredible talent of Shayne Pruitt. Shayne has been filling the lead guitar slot for the full band gigs I occasionally get to book and in order to keep him around I started using him in my acoustic shows as well.

Shayne Pruitt

Actually, I’ve gotten so spoiled and lazy from having him around that I find it hard to book a solo performance these days, so much so that we are now booking under the handle ‘Phil and Shayne’.

Those of you from my North Georgia sphere of friends may remember Shayne from his days with “The Estes Brothers Band”. The EBB was a well known Atlanta area cover band in the 70’s and 80’s and still perform from time to time. They recently played a two night reunion show at the Cumming Play House which is named for the town the band was originally based.
Shayne is the owner/operator of A1-Heritage Landscape Supply in Cumming and he also has turned his passion of photography into a budding business. His eye for capturing live musical performances is building him quite a reputation with a lot of local musicians in the area.
We’ve worked together long enough now that we’ve built a pretty extensive repertoire and our vocals are really starting to gel. So we are thinking it’s time to maybe spread our geographical horizons a bit. There is also talk of maybe taking a short New England tour together this summer.

Best of all, Shayne has proven himself not only to be a capable musical partner but a great friend as well. I look forward to working with him for many years to come.

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