A Piece of My Soul


Recorded at “Jay’s Place Recording” on Music Row, it features some of the most notable studio musicians from Nashville’s “A” list.

I owe a very special thanks to Dana McVicker, Danny Parks, Jon Voght, Brian Fullen and Tommy Wells for treating me and this project as they would if they were working for a major label instead of an unknown indie.

Rusty Golden for the use of “Until You” (whether you realize it or not).

Jay Vern for pouring your heart into your performance and production.

And a very special thank you to my buddy Jimbeau Hinson for not only co-writing such well crafted songs but also allowing me to cover some of my favorites from your massive catalog.




1. Start It Up
2. Piece of My Soul
3. Can’t Blame Nobody But Me
4. Missing Paige
5. You Look So Good
6. Slow Down
7. Thanks to You
8. Until You
9. Heysus
10. Mama Drove an Impala
11. I Depend On You