Well it turns out, I just thought I was in the music business.

Those of you who’ve been around for awhile know all about my CD, A Piece of My Soul that was originally released back in 2006. I say originally because it seems it was removed from distribution at CDbaby sometime back and I wasn’t aware of it. I mean I noticed I wasn’t getting any payments on it anymore but I thought it was simply because nobody wanted to hear it. Since I don’t go looking to stream or purchase my own music, I didn’t realize that it was discontinued.

Maybe it’s something I did, hell I don’t know. But I’ve spent the last month working to get it back into all the online distribution outlets. It seems to have made its way to Spotify but for some reason, iTunes and Apple Music seem to be a problem. Hopefully they’ll both be resolved soon.

As for physical copies. I’ve had a bit of luck there as well. I was down to only a handful due to the fact that I thought I had lost a box in my last move. But they’ve been found. So I’m turning those lose again as well.

For now I’m not going to use a third party distributor I plan on doing the order fulfillment myself so they are exclusively available here.

The last time this album was available it was a big hit on Myspace. I’m hoping things go even better this time around.