Phillip Rogers is a performer who is not easily forgotten once you hear him play. While studying the methods of Seth Riggs he developed a hard edged soulful delivery of his music based upon a singing style called SLS (Speech Level Singing), which allows flexibility to sing ruff whiskey blues style vocals or layer three part intricate harmonies which he acquired.

Phillip RogersRogers is a versatile blend of humor and deep caring for the music he performs. Through that combination he is able engage every person in any given environment no matter how large or diverse the audience might be.

However, his versatility isn’t limited to the broad range of emotion he can get out of a crowd. He is immediately available to play a solo act aided by guitar and vocal [Boss] Loop Station rigs running through a Bose L2 PA system that delivers impeccable audio reinforcement with no hot spots or dead zones to a crowd of up to 300 people.

If something bigger is needed Phillip can also perform his music in duo/trio with a stable of partners that include Gary Talley of the Box Tops, Grammy Nominated, singer/songwriter Jimbeau Hinson and Brian Bonds of Florida/Georgia Line. Dahlonega, Georgia based Rogers also performs with his band ‘The Jaw Droppers’, a collection of both Nashville and Atlanta based studio musicians performing in a variety of ensembles ranging from a basic four piece to a fully orchestrated horn band.

Phillip’s musical ties to Nashville have influenced his repertoire expanding it with a lot of Country and Americana tunes from the catalogs of the likes of Thom Schulyer, Jeffery Steele, Fred Knobloch, Jimbeau Hinson, Wood Newton, Gary Nicholson, Don Henry, Skip Ewing, Vince Gill and many others that are not so well known.